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Jayne McCreadie QEQM, Margate


Oh Claire, last week a little girl came into A&E with asthma. She was not happy, she wasn't speaking to anyone and refused anything we tried to give her. Well I just put a mask making kit on her bed and about 5 minutes later ......she was a different child!!! What a sight , what a difference. She needed to be admitted to Rainbow Ward , she didn't mind that at all. What a huge difference you have made......THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

Victoria Herd Rainbow Ward, QEQM,Margate


Thank you so much for coming over to meet us on Wednesday, it was a pleasure to meet you. The arts and crafts equipment that you brought us was absolutely fantastic as is already proving to be a massive hit with the children. It really is a pleasure to be able to provide the children with fun activities that makes their stay with us much easier to cope with. On behalf of the ward I would like to say a massive thank you, what Emilias Little Heart is doing for us will just make such a huge difference, as you are well aware from your own experience.

Jayne McCreadie


Well Claire....this weekend has made me realise how Emilia has touched the heart of others ...just perfect!
 Although a year on from that very sad day, it was odd how after a lot of thought and looking at internet sites Katie, the Paediatric nurse in A&E and I came to a  final decision about the wall stickers we want yesterday  I have posted the information to you. Then today, you email me and tell me about the dressing up clothes...its like getting a present from Emilia on her sad day instead of others giving her a present on her birthday. So doesn't that tell you that she IS in heaven looking down on all of us, even on children she didn't even know. WOW .
The dressing up clothes look absolutely perfect !  I m so excited. I am thinking that the 3-5 age group size.

Hello Claire,


My name is Sabrina Richardson I am a HealthCare Assistant at the Evelina Children's Hospital at St Thomas' NHS trust, on behalf of the Arctic Day Unit we would like to thank you for the lovely box of goodies from Emilia's little Heart Foundation. The children on Arctic day unit will really appreciate these activities.

Thank you again

Thank you Claire , the DVD player is a great success, I can use it on all aged children. So today a n older girl was waiting two hours to be seen and watching a lovely Danielle Steele film so neither her mum or her minded at all !


I was wondering please would I be able to have some more of the lovely bravery certificates, the pride a child shows when I give them this is a sight to be seen.


I am planning on doing up the Triage room soon so will think of transfers I may like for this area and contact you if I may.

Helen Petulla


A five year old boy came in for a cannula and became very distressed with the whole situation.  We decided to give him some space and suggested he have a play with the DITTO and watch the cannula animation, we left him to do so, and then came back five minutes later to see a completely different child.  We explained that we didn't do it exactly the same as what he had viewed, but he didn't seem to mind. He then had a cannula with very little stress and upset, it was amazing how much of a difference there was by him using the DITTO.