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Mazda Charity Supporters


Mazda UK has chosen the charity as one of it's charities of the year, and through various fundraising events they hope to raise money to continue to support the work of the charity.


The first event this weekend 22nd/23rd September is running Ragnar!  On Saturday at 10.30am the first runner will set off from Mote Park and (hopefully) around 27 hours later we’ll arrive in Brighton having covered almost 178 miles between ten of them, mostly on coastal paths and trails. 


Thanks to all of those that have kindly donated sponsorship, but if you would still like to sponsor the team, the link is below.  It rather cheekily shows a high donation amount, but this can be overridden to a more sensible amount.

Ragner Car

 Charity of the Year 2015-2017

Daiwa Bank selected the charity for their Charity of the Year, and have already raised over £13,000.  Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the fundraising.



Fundraising Pack

If you would like to help in any way by taking part in an event or hosting your own please contact us with your ideas, or you can download the fundraising pack to help you plan your event.


If you are taking part in a sponsored event, please remember to set up a justgiving page to ensure you can reach your potential sponsors.


By organising your own fundraising activity, you can really make a contribution, however big or small, to give us a chance to preserve children’s emotional wellbeing whilst in hospital.  Making a difference can’t be done without your energy and ideas.


What ever you decide we think your ace! 


Getting Started


Think about how to make your group or personal challenge sound as exciting as possible and talk about what has driven you to raise money for Emilia’s Little Heart Foundation.


Hearing your personal reason for getting involved is incredibly motivating to your potential supporters.


We have access to the information and materials needed to help you promote your event.  Please e-mail at for further guidance on how to keep your fundraising safe and legal or download the fundraising pack.

Ideas for Fundraising


It doesn’t matter how much time you have.  You can fundraise in an hour, a week, a month or even challenge yourself to fundraise all year round.


Whether you decide to charge an admission fee for your fundraiser, get sponsored by family and friends or simply ask for a donation, you’ll be helping us to preserve children’s emotional wellbeing.


The important thing is to have fun and raise as much money as possible to make a difference to these children.

Fundraise for one hour


Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

  • hold an office sweepstake

Don’t wait for the next World Cup – who’ll win X Factor or be the next character to leave your favourite soap?

Get your free sweepstake poster in our fundraising pack.

  • organise festive fundraising

Go carol singing or ask for donations instead of Christmas presents.

  • become a karaoke champion

Get your friends together for karaoke and find out who is a soulful superstar and who failed to make the top 40!


Got more time?

Fundraise for one day

Or if you would like some more suggestions download our fundraising pack.


What a difference a day can make!

Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

  • dress up for the day

Pick a theme and get your colleagues to make a donation to dress in a costume for a good cause.

  • organise a family fun day

Hold a sports day or create an obstacle course challenge – great for all ages!

  • ban the lift

Charge for a lazy day – get your colleagues to make a donation every time they use the lift instead of the stairs.


Got more time?

Fundraise for one week

Or if you would like some more suggestions download our fundraising pack.

Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

  • take on a sports challenge

Do a sponsored cycle or walk in a team and get fit while you raise money.

  • give something up

Get sponsored to go without something for a week (or start a swear jar!)

  • get cooking

Ready, steady, donate – ask friends or colleagues to cook a dish, and then pay for the privilege of a taste.


Got more time?

Fundraise all year round

Or if you would like some more suggestions download our fundraising pack.


You can do it! 

Challenge yourself to a whole year of fundraising and set yourself a target to support our work to preserve the emotional wellbeing of children in hospital. We've got some great ideas that will inspire you to fundraise all year round - take a look!


Fundraising Groups are the perfect way to fundraise all year.

We're looking for incredible people!

From coffee mornings and car boot sales to toddler triathlons and murder mystery dinners, being part of a group makes fundraising a great deal of fun, both for you and for your community.

Why not get together with your friends, family or colleagues and form a Fundraising Group in your community to help us preserve children’s emotional well being.


Take on a year’s worth of tasks to help raise money.

365 days of the year you could set yourself a challenge.  How about getting people to sponsor you to do as many challenges as possible in 365 days.

Just one example is you could cycle, run, walk or do a rowing challenge at your local gym.  Maybe pretend you are cycling from Land’s end to John O’Groats.


Get sporty with a year of fantastically physical challenges

Take a look on the internet to see what annual events you could take part in and raise money for us, such as marathons, or if you don’t want to push yourself a half marathon maybe.


Hold a selection of smaller events throughout the year.

Please take a look at our fundraise for a day for ideas of what you could organise.


Pay in your money

Everything you raise helps towards preserving the children’s emotional wellbeing when they are in hospital.


Whether you’re paying in a few pounds or a few hundred pounds, it all goes towards our work.


If you used an online justgiving page the money you raise is sent to us automatically, so you don’t need to do anything more. It’s that simple. 


By post

Once you’ve collected your money, please send us:

  1. a cheque, payable to Emilia’s Little Heart Foundation
  2. your sponsor form if applicable  (please ask sponsors to tick the Gift Aid box  and include their full name, address and postcode, so we can add an extra 25% to each donation) to this address:


Emilia’s Little Heart Foundation

The Chimes

Dean Street

East Farleigh



ME15 0PT